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Ark Saivi offers a holistic digital solution, and we also have website development in our portfolio to offer you with that. When it comes to website development, our IT team specializes in creating optimized sites, keeping in mind the ease of navigation through various webpages in a given site. Our specialized IT team offers web-development in mainly two formats:

  1. Coded Website
  2. Website built through CMS like WordPress

We tailor-make the site according to client briefs, keeping in mind the priority they are asking from the site.

When was the last time you opened up a website and read A to Z, of that? Could you remember at any time? And imagine that site filled with heavy narration, with no illustration whatsoever. And you felt dull reading that, didn’t you? Unless it’s a research paper, and you need citations to quote, people rarely go through an entire document of 1000 words. So, if this is the scenario, then how would you create content that assures a conversion?

Well, the answer to it is simple.

You make a super engaging website! An engaging website ensures that there is room for two-way dialogue between you and your customer. Businesses who ignore this very point falls heavily in getting that buzz online. It gives you the customer impression that you are listening to their problems as well it gives you an understanding of what your customers are looking.

Moreover, a short and crisp website saves your time and resources plus adds value to your traffic. No-one likes reading lengthy texts unless it’s a research journal. So being crisp and engaging is the key, to drive in more traffic and get a conversion!

If you really are looking for this answer, let us first lookout what going through the flow of a brick-and-mortar business need?

Well, let’s list out:
  • Firstly, you would need an infrastructure, which can either be your own or a rented place.
  • Now, you would definitely need staff to run the place, as its humanely not possible for a single person to be physically present in a store.

And not being there physically, comes with the fear of missing out on a potential customer.

  • Thirdly, you would need electricity and other set-ups to run the place thoroughly.
  • And then, would come the cost of marketing, that your place sells this particular kind of product.

Well, by now we assume we are done with the list. Now, we know you are smart readers! Why don’t you quickly calculate the expenditure, all of this would incur?

Have you done calculating?

Well, for now, to establish an online presence of that same business, the total cost that would be incurred is 0 INR.

Getting the idea?

Well, how about we help you ace this answer, by listing out the advantages of an online presence that digital marketing provides:

  • Establishing your brand amidst the market –See, let us be brutally honest with you. In today’s age, if you aren’t online, you are nowhere!

The first thing your pool of potential customers would do, after hearing the name of your business or brand, is search online. Everyone, would google your place, see your ratings and reviews. The internet has provided space for customers to easily provide feedback and share experiences. And remember, your potential customers would scan you before knocking your door. So, if you aren’t digitally active, they would assume you aren’t a serious enough business for them.

  • The flexibility of 24*7 availability –When you go online, you make your product and service offerings accessible 24*7. That is, even if you are taking an evening nap, probably your potential customer is reading your offerings online.

So, see no customers return empty-handed. It gives you the scope to even address clients from different geographical time locations. So, at the end of the day, your pool of potential customers increases exponentially.

  • Enhanced Customer Service – With an online presence, you can roll-out the FAQ section, introduce Chatbots on the page, address your customer grievances through a simple click on the mail, and whatnot.

This gives you the space to solve your customer problem just at that time they needed it.  It not only creates a positive impact on your potential leads but also reduces your time in problem redressal, which means more sales in hand.

  • The allowance to work-from-anywhere – With an online presence, you can work from wherever you want.

Want to experience the lush green of the park and the sun shining at your back while doing that important project? Well, an online business gives you that space. You are the king of flexibility without worrying that you would miss out on any potential leads.

  • All world, a marketplace – With being global, the best advantage you can get is targeting the global market arena. 

What you are pitching for, maybe a hit for people in your neighboring country. Who knows?

The world is filled with extreme possibilities, but to pinpoint and exploit those opportunities demands only one thing. And that demands you to take your business online! With these, it must be very clear that taking your business digital is the smartest thing to do now. So better buckle up for a market of potential leads!

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