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To have a successful business, you should be where your customers are. An average person spends almost 3 hours on social media. Well, now imagine the possible number of times you can splash upon your brand in those 3 hours! The numbers are high, isn’t it? Similarly, so your stakes are high! With social media presence, you can not only bombard relevant information to your potential customer base but also make the conversion figures speak for themselves. So, buckle up to have an aggressive social media presence and realize the importance of Why! In real hand.

Okay, before answering this question, let us get our facts correct.

Facebook has 1.49 billion users, having 22 billion clicks per year and Linked In has 706 plus million users on its platform. Now with this huge user base, we also have the following:

  • The advertisements over these platforms are very cheap, so even a small business can easily afford to have this.
  • It targets your potential customers with ease and very efficiently.
  • While Facebook leads you to reach potential and prospective customers, LinkedIn is superb when it comes to having a B2B dialogue.

Now, with all of these we guess, it’s pretty self-explanatory why advertisements over these platforms are doing so well over those traditional marketing platforms.

Social Media Strategy Idea