Search Engine Optimization

Get your Business Ranked in the first Page of Google Search results with Ark Saivi for Higher Conversions and Leads.


The fullest advantage of inbound marketing can truly be exploited when your page is search engine optimized. With better search engine optimization, you know that your page stands a chance to rank amongst the top. With thousands and lakhs of businesses having similar offerings like you, and with internet consumers having an attention span of just 30 seconds, if you aren’t in the top, you aren’t going to cut the chase.

  • So, ranking high is the most obvious essential, because: Higher ranking promises more traffic, as almost everyone will end up opening the first few search results only.
  • It makes your business look genuine and trustworthy to the potential customer pool.
  • It also enhances your brand value, with you landing at the top-notch in SERP( Search Engine Result Page)
  • Being at the top of SERP reduces the marketing budget for you as well.


Well, speaking of Search Engine Optimization, there are three types of SEO, that are available to digital marketers. So, let’s have a brief look at that:

  • On-page SEO: On-Page SEO deals with optimizing a specific page on a site so that the search engine understands what’s written in it and whether or not the site contains valuable information. The main three components of On-page SEO deals with: Keyword research, Content creation, and Keyword optimization.
  • Off-site SEO: It deals with the backlinks you generate and other sites linking up to you. It builds up trustworthiness and makes your site look more authentic to retrieve information.
  • Technical SEO: It deals with how you make your page readable, and easier to navigate through for the customers that are there for you, online. It looks after the site speed, how easily it crawled into, and also looks through the site architecture.
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