How to connect with your clients on a daily basis?

How to connect with your clients on a daily basis?

Customers are the core providers of any business. As satisfied customers become promoters and recommenders for your business,  It is very important to develop strong interpersonal skills by maintaining good communication with your customers to build lasting relationships.

In today’s digitally oriented and fast-moving world, it’s easier than ever to connect with your audience in order to grow your business. But, with so many tools and mediums, it is also complicated to choose among the resources and give a personal touch while connecting with them. 

To help you make these priceless connections, here are few simple and effective ways to connect with your customers on a daily basis, while growing your business at the same time.

1. Engage in Social Media

In this fast-paced digital world, people are not getting time to have face to face conversation all the time. They are preferring social media and other online means to get connected to their world, for almost all kinds of work.

Create a trustworthy website, social media page and get active on it by finding chances to connect and interact with them whenever it is possible for you.

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2. Send Emails and Newsletters 

Apart from connecting with them online, try to find out the other means where they seem to be active and responsive. Sending them emails and newsletters on a daily basis can make you revolve in their mind, all the time.

Keep your emails short and crisp while communicating your purpose in clear words. You can share tips, offers, and wish them on special occasions.

3. Ask for Phone & Video Calls 

If you think emails and social media are the one-way connection, then a simple phone call can make a big change as it is two-way communication. You get your responses quickly and can see the effect of your communication, in real-time. Ask and Call your clients whenever it seems necessary and doesn’t let them wait for your call. Be there, whenever they want you. So that they are there whenever you want them.

4. Ask For Feedback 

Asking customers for their feedback on your provided services via surveys and google forms, is an effective way to identify any problem before they cause any bad impression. Surveys also provide customers with a voice to their thoughts on your product or your services in a way that makes them truly feel valued.

5. Show Empathy & Gratitude 

You must be familiar with the golden rule of customer service that –

Treat your customers as you want to be treated as a customer.”

Be empathic in your approach to customer’s complaints and issues. Apologise for whatever the issue is impacting their day-to-day business dealings and thank them for their patience. Also, try to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Customers are more likely to use your services and become loyal for a longer duration if they receive a positive and empathetic attitude from your company.


Good customer relationships lie at the heart of good customer service. Whether you’re interacting with a long term client or a first-time customer, strong communication is an important part of building good customer relationships. Adapt to the ongoing mediums to connect with your client, to leave an innovation-friendly image on your client.