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Blogging enables a business deliver exactly that piece of content, that an individual customer would be looking for being online. A good blog is interactive and engaging and answers customer problem. A curative blog answering customer questions can be created through a intelligent mix of various on-page tools. To make a blog, that positions your online presence better, you can do the following:

  • You can try focussing on long tail keywords to start off with.
  • Also optimizing your blog so that it’s responsive to any device its logged into gives better opportunity to you.
  • Creating engaging and interactive content. And also continually updating it.

These few tips are enough to kickstart your SEO game!


When customer search for a problem online, they aren’t for sure looking for a site, with heavy words and definitions. They are looking for a simple answer to their question. And to answer that, you need to come up with really engaging content, that has a simple flow to it.

See, the main aim of your content delivery should have a hook. Or else, the customer who is reading online, will not even have the patience and desire to scroll through page. Creating that “hook” happens in the first few lines your content. Once that is done, the rest gets followed easily enough. And if you can impress your potential client, getting conversions become a cake-walk. Though it takes time to build upon and get real-life converts. But once you create that image, the rest is followed quite spontaneously.

Content Marketing