About Us

Serving Partners with Care

Ark Saivi is a marketing agency with a wide spectrum portfolio, from digital marketing, advertisements to graphics and, etc. It hails its root from one of the oldest cities of India, that is Lucknow, UP. While its heart lies at Lucknow. Its team is diverse with people coming from different parts of the country. The team is filled with dedicated enthusiasts, who have the support of industry experts and pioneers, to frame out this amazing concept to take businesses from “Local to Social”.

About Us

Vision & Mission

The vision of Local to social reverberates with the tone of “Vocal for Local” as emphasized time and again by the Prime Minister of India. Noting that, our goal is to give businesses a comprehensive ground to grow and establish them digitally. 

While taking a brand online, gives one the opportunity to savor the entire market scape. It also makes a brand stand more responsibly. It’s true though, that the umbrella of a brand increases brand equity. But, building that up needs a lot of dedicated effort. Building up a brand bit by bit needs varied focus from an ostentatious and creative social media presence to generating traffic, all of which become equally important. With due cognizance to what the market needs from business, managing all of these, need three vital components, which we stand to offer.

Wide Variety of Services

With our broad spectrum of service offerings, we are the ‘one’ platform to look after all that a brand needs for creating the digital hype. It is why the brand doesn’t need to look for individual professionals for building up a team. With us, a business gets a ‘ready-made’ team, all set to go without any hassle.

Client Satisfaction

We believe, our hard work pays off when a client is satisfied. We have an excellent track of working higher than the expectation.

Quick Responsiveness

As a service provider, our main aim revolves around giving a solution or relieving a business from a pain point, thus we know the importance of being on our toe to resolve a query. We are quick in our reflexes to respond not only to your doubts but also to market trends, customer demands, and brand requirements.

Summing up, we are careful and dedicated to market needs and have a quite well-established presence in the market. We have a satisfied pool of client base, which includes Independent Financial Advisors (IAF) like Insurancezilla, Dial2Insure, Real Estate Project like Aranyalaya, Schools like SSRVM, Petals, and many more.